Bridging the Digital Divide in the Heartland

Grand Rapids Residents
Help Spanish-Speaking
Immigrant Families

Former Grand Rapids’ City Commissioner William Blickley, a long-time community activist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provided the following narrative on January 18, 2007 for his three plus two photos on the work his nonprofit organization, Wherever God Wills/Donde Dios Quiera, is doing to bridge the digital divide in the Heartland:

"Wherever God rebuilt and provided the computers that were contributed by
Grand Valley State University.

"After 10 weeks of computer operation and program lessons, in English and Spanish, and 10 hours of community service, these computers will be given to the families participating. Then we'll start over with another class and the same result."

"My wife LaVerne in our living room with the first group of 10 computers out of the 20 that are now being used to teach Spanish-speaking immigrants
in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"This photo was taken in the Steepletown Ministries building, on the west side of Grand Rapids, where the computers are being set up for classes to start tonight (January 18, 2007) with individuals from 20 families."

The Steepletown Center

Photos by William Blickley

In Their Homes
They Rebuild, Assemble, And Setup
Systems For Donation
                                                                                                  William Blickley

Photo by his brother, Steven J. Blickley
                                                                                               Tom Bateman

Photo by William Blickley

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