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Flash Fiction

By Michael Chacko Daniels

You'll find one of my flash fiction pieces, Sing an Indian Name, on the following free, online site of Denver Syntax:


By Michael Chacko Daniels

I started writing for in December because the editor made an open invitation with no editorial restrictions. At a time when my long association with the Jobs for Homeless Consortium had come to an end, the invitation opened up a world of possibilities. All information and knowledge is useful in my book, even if it is packaged under an asymmetrical moniker.

If you have me packed away in a particular box, you'll get a kick checking out the articles listed below that were run by It's a site with a diversity of opinion. No two of the writers appearing on it probably agree with each other, which fits a contrarian like myself fine.

Electronic Words And The Heart Of The Global Village

George W. Bush Responds To the Tsunami

Steve Jobs: Pied Piper Of Magical Tech Dreams

Fiddle Fit In Elisha Otis' High Rise City

Scientists Crow: Stop "Birdbrain" Put Downs!

Gavin Newsom: Please Kick Some Butts

Tsunami Exposes Fault Lines in India's Development

TOT Battle Grips Carmel-by-the-Sea

Tibet's Soul And Beijing's Culture Wars


The following book has a chapter reviewing the first editions of two of my novels, Anything Out of Place Is Dirt and That Damn Romantic Fool: Papers on Indian Writing in English: Volume 2: Fiction/A.N. Dwivedi. Second Revised and Enlarged Edition. New Delhi, Atlantic, 2002, x, 242 p., ISBN 81-269-0084-9

The following book includes a critique that I wrote on C. C. Wang's paintings for a publication of The Asia Foundation:

Mountains of the Mind: The Landscape Painting of C.C. Wang
Weatherby, Meredith
9 x 12", 80 pp., 70 paintings illustrated in b/w and color. New York, 1977. Exhibition of landscape paintings by C.C. Wang. With an appreciation and commentaries by Hsu Hsiao-hu and critiques by James Cahill, Alfred Frankenstein, and Michael Chacko Daniels.

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Naomi Rose’s Website - Naomi Rose is a writer, editor, and book developer who created and teaches the “Writing from the Deeper Self” approach to writing. Her current book projects are The Blessings Ledger: The Union of Money and Compassion, and The Book that Changes Your Life Is the One You Write Yourself. She lives in Oakland, California. She can be reached at


By Michael Chacko Daniels

Writers Workshop Books , Kolkata , publisher of Michael Chacko Daniels’ Split in Two and Anything Out of Place Is Dirt, has published over 3,000 books. “Writers Workshop books are published by P. Lal from 162/92 Lake Gardens, Calcutta 700045, India. Layout and lettering by P. Lal with a Sheaffer calligraphy pen. Printed by Abhijit Nath in a Lake Gardens Press. This is a limited edition. Gold-embossed, hand-stitched, hand-pasted, & hand-bound by Tulamiah Mohiuddin with handloom sari cloth woven & designed in India, to provide visual beauty & the intimate texture of book-feel. WW bindings are not concealed behind ephemeral glossy jackets. Each WW publication is a hand-crafted artifact."


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