A 2016 eBook full of

magical, poignant, 

humorous stories



 The book contains "seventeen magical,

often poignant, often humorous stories"

set in India, Michigan, and California.


It includes "family stories where the unlikely occurs ... finding-your-place-in-the-world stories ... tall tales ... and barely exaggerated tales filled with modern urban pathos ... sweet and poignant testaments to youthful fancies, embarrassments, and unexpected compassion ... and there is the sheer poetry of haikus in the context of atmospherically drawn moments."

(The above excerpted quotations are from the Introduction by Naomi Rose).



Introduction /

 1. The Mendonça Mystery /

2. Three Dozen Mangoes for Mr. Diefenbaker /

3. The Confirmed Bachelor of the Bombay YMCA /

4. Zach Runs from a Great Man /

5. The Cat Who Drove the Ghost Away /

6. Naga in the Negev /

7. The Makeover of the Son of Cochin Cohn /

8. Sing an Indian Name /

9. Grandma and the Old Warrior /

10. Mudka-Potka Gobble Village Chic /

11. Life, the 27 Bryant Version /

12. Riders of Dragon Number 19 /

13. Touch Me? Vaya Con Dios Inbound on the 22 Fillmore! /

14. Shadows of Spread Wings /

15. Fruit for the Gods /

16. Where the Clear Creek Narrows /

17. Finding Memories in the Library on a Rainy Day /


 ISBN 9781483562605

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~ Author Bio ~

Michael Chacko Daniels lives and writes in San Francisco. He grew up in Bombay, where he attended St. Michael’s High School, Wilson College, and University of Bombay’s Department of Economics. He has a Master’s from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. His parents grew up in an ancient Syrian Christian community in the south Indian state of Kerala. In their middle years, in Bombay, they joined the local Baptist Church out of conviction. His adventures in the United States include five years as a Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA); four as editor/publisher of the New River Free Press of Grand Rapids, Michigan; four as assistant editor in San Francisco at The Asia Foundation; and sixteen at Berkeley’s Center for Independent Living. He helped start the Jobs for Homeless Consortium of Alameda County in 1988, and to run it through mid-2004. He is a naturalized citizen of the United States.


~ Illustrator Bios ~

Krittika Ramanujan is an artist who was born in Chicago, traveled extensively, and lived in India as a child. She has had solo shows about three ongoing bodies of work: Dante’s Divine Comedy, mammal skeletons (Coterminus), and human rights and lynching (Ghost Puppets). She was a member of the Fine Arts Gallery in Chicago, and is represented by Leich Lathrop Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She studied painting at Indiana University at Bloomington and received an MFA in printmaking from the University of New Mexico. She lives in New Mexico with her husband and son.

 Aaron Bass is a studio artist who primarily works in printmaking media. He studied printmaking at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Tyler School of Art, and Tamarind Institute, and has an MFA from the University of New Mexico. He has worked for a community print shop, the leading press manufacturer in the United States, and taught at the University of New Mexico. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Studio Arts department at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. Aaron resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife Krittika Ramanujan, son Simon, and a variety of quadrupeds.


~ Editor Bio ~

Naomi Rose is a writer, editor, book developer, and musician based in Oakland, California. Born into a family of writers, she tried to escape her legacy by becoming a book editor, thinking the page of words would be sufficient. But over time, she came to realize that it was the human heart behind the words that most interested her. So she created an approach to writing called “Writing from the Deeper Self,” which allows her to listen deeply to herself and her clients. From this listening, beautiful, transformative writing naturally comes. Her literary relationship with Michael Daniels goes back many years, including work on his novels published by Writers Workshop.

This e-book is a digital version of the book first published by

Writers Workshop (India)

in a gold-embossed, hand-stitched, hand-pasted,

and hand-bound limited print edition.


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